Put the power of ozone
into the hands of your clients

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Stand out by bringing the best of veterinary care into the homes of your clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Busy schedules and long drives can make it hard for clients to get to you. Providing this simple, take-home kit will make it convenient and easy to continue ozone treatments in the comfort of their homes.

Willow Device

Financial BENEFIT

Sit back and relax! Renting these kits at an afford price will have it paid off in 2-3 months. Enjoy the cash in your pockets!

Worry-Free Rental

We understand that you are busy so we’ve provided all the resources that your customers need to get going with this including how-to videos and a forum. Rest assured knowing that we are here to handle any question your customers have.

Lifetime Support

Equipment comes with a 12 months warranty as well as lifetime of support for you and your clients.

What’s Included

  • Hard Storage Case
  • Durable Ozone Generator
  • Portable Oxygen Cylinder
  • Pediatric Oxygen Regulator
  • Hummingbird Manual with Guide
  • FREE Lifetime Support!


Willow Device


“Ozone therapy is one of the easiest possible treatments to administer. It’s really a great investment because it will literally help every animal.” 
Judith Shoemaker, DVM

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