Ozone Therapy is Saving Lives!

An effective, safe, and affordable treatment for critically ill animals

"Ozone therapy is the best thing I have ever added to my practice" - Judith Shoemaker

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Conventional veterinary treatments often fail to address the cause of an animal's illness. 

Today's vet has more treatment options available than any other time in history! But we still struggle to find treatments that are effective, affordable, and safe for the animal.

How many times have you treated a patient only to have the owner bring the animal back a few weeks later with the same complaint? Or had an owner be unable to afford to continue a lengthy treatment protocol? Or worse - prescribed a treatment that resulted in a side effect that was more damaging than the original condition?

This is the problem with modern veterinary medicine: we treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Conventional veterinary treatment is excellent in terms of diagnostics. However, it often fails to resolve the root cause of an animal's symptoms. Many conventional treatments just cover up the symptoms, causing the animal to require the same treatment over and over. This can be frustrating and expensive for owners and vets alike. 

Even worse - these can actually HARM the patient more than help! 

Conventional treatments often require us to chose between the lesser of two evils. Protocols designed to treat one condition can result in conditions that are even more damaging! 

Take cancer, for example. Radiation and chemotherapy can drastically reduce the size and prevalence of tumors. However, these treatments often kill perfectly healthy cells in the process. They also increase the risk of developing secondary cancers. 

So often, our conventional treatments force owners to choose between quantity or quality of life. Or they have to discontinue treatments for their beloved pet because they just can't afford the cost. 

As vets, we MUST do all we can to prevent owners from having to make that choice. 

Ozone Therapy Attacks an Illness At The Source.

Ozone therapy is an effective, safe, and affordable treatment option. 

Ozone therapy involves the administration of medical-grade ozone to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. It has been in use for nearly a century, is extremely effective, and has very few side effects.

It has been gaining in popularity in the US for both animals and humans due to its success in treating stubborn diseases such as cancer. Lyme disease, cardiovascular diseases, bacterial and viral infections, and more!

How Does Ozone Therapy Work? 

Ozone speeds healing by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. This helps the body heal through several pathways:

  • Improving circulation and oxygen supply which helps speed wound healing
  • Destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that cause infections
  • Reducing the number of free radicals in the body
  • Increasing antioxidant buffering capacity
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Strengthening the immune system and improving immune response

?So, rather than simply treating symptoms, ozone therapy  improves the body's ability to destroy the root cause of the problem. It does so without damaging healthy cells or further straining the body with harsh medications.

How is Ozone Therapy Administered? 

Ozone therapy can be administered in a variety of ways. However, it is never administered via inhalation due to potentially damaging effects on lung tissues.

The most common option is Major Autohemotherapy, or MAH. In this method, a small amount of blood is removed from the animal, this blood is mixed with ozone, and then the mixture is put back in to the animal via an IV drip. This is safe, painless, and generally takes less than an hour. 

Minor Autohemotherapy is a similar process but with a smaller amount of blood. 

Ozone can also be administered via ?Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation (UVBI). This is when a small amount of blood is mixed with ozone, exposed to photon light, and then returned to the body. This is most commonly used in cases where the patient is suffering from a bacterial or viral infection. 

?There are other methods as well such as injected ozonated saline, applying it topically through a bag, or administering it rectally to fight abdominal and intestinal problems. 

Is Ozone Therapy Safe? 

Yes! Ozone therapy has been used extensively with minimal side effects and is one of the safest treatment options available today!

One of the concerns with ozone therapy stems from the damaging nature of ozone. It is highly reactive and potentially toxic in gas form. Ozone is a major component of the smog present in big cities which has been proven to have a variety of ill effects. 

?Ozone therapy mitigates this risk by NEVER administering ozone through inhalation. Common treatment methods ensure the gas never contacts lung tissues. 

Very rarely, patients will experience mild side effects. These include: ?

  • accidental inhalation can lead to coughing, eye irritation, and other respiratory issues
  • nausea, ?vomitting, or minor headache 
  • minor intestinal discomfort when administered rectally 
  • minor flu-like symptoms as part of the detoxification and healing process 

It's easy to see why ozone therapy is becoming more and more popular among veterinarians. It combats issues at the source rather than just masking symptoms. This helps stop the overuse of antibiotics and unnecessary drugs that are costly, inconvenient to the owner, and, in many cases, extremely harmful to the animal.  

Ozone therapy is a safe and effective solution for seriously ill animals.


Penelope, a 10 year old Dachshund, presented with rear-end paralysis. She was brought into the clinic unable to stand. The diagnosis was a probable disc located between T3 and L1. The owner was presented with a couple of options. She could opt for surgery which would cost around $7,000 or accept a dog in a cart that needed bladder expression. Her final option was euthanasia. Unsatisfied with these options, the owner brought her dog to an integrative veterinarian who recommended ozone therapy and acupuncture. She was treated with ozonated saline as well as ozone + acupuncture and miraculously, she was walking three days later! Ozone therapy was a key factor in cutting the inflammation and increasing oxygen utilization which ultimately led to total healing for Penelope. In the final analysis, the owner was thrilled with the fact that her beloved dog returned to full bladder tone and was able to walk normally. 

Bluebell is a Blue Merle Sheltie who was sixteen months old at the time of her treatment for Auto-immune Polyarthritis/myositis . Among other things, she had previously been treated with Dexamethasone IV, Baytril IM and oral Prednisone. The treatments never had a lasting effect and her condition worsened. Eventually, her owners brought her to a veterinarian who was utilizing ozone therapy as well as another novel integrative therapy called Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. Bluebell was treated using Major Autohemotherapy plus Ultraviolet and after just four treatments, her condition began to improve. Whereas previously, she was on a regiment of medications, Bluebell is currently off all meds, pain free and happy!

Bluebell Chamberlin

Izzy came into the clinic of an ozone-using oncologist as a three year old dog with osteosarcoma and a poor chance of survival. Since the owners were not interested in pursuing traditional treatment methods due to the adverse side effects, it was determined that Izzy would be treated using the more common methods of ozone administration: Major Autohemotherapy and Minor Autohemotherapy. The mAHT was administered locally around the tumor and the treatments repeated weekly for a totally of eight weeks tapering off to monthly as time went on. Astoundingly, Izzy had complete regression of her tumor after approximately six months of therapy and remains in regression four years later. She continues to have maintenance treatments every two to three months and and inspires her owners to never give up!

Ozone Therapy can make a critical difference in the lives of your patients!

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Here's What Vets Like You are Saying About Ozone Therapy...

"O3UV is a phenomenal way to promote health in our pets naturally. Because of its ability to inactivate bacteria and virus while at the same time stimulating the immune system, it is my tool of choice! If your pet has been suffering and you want a healthy pet, I think O3UV is one of the best ways to get there. I would encourage the vast majority of my patients to consider using this treatment regardless of the illness.

The addition of Ozone with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or O3UV has increased and potentiated the O3 treatments and are a needed treatment for Lyme, infection, allergies, kidney, liver and cardiac issues as well as cancer. It is easily administered and very cost effective for such an important tool in any practice."


“Whether they are being managed strictly with holistic care or concurrently with conventional care, my cancer patient’s quality of life is far superior to the average cancer patient….in fact I can’t think of one that hasn’t far exceeded their prognosis for length and quality of life.” 

“Ozone therapy is one of the easiest possible treatments to administer. It’s really a great investment because it will literally help every animal. It’s something the technician can administer and it will also help to build the confidence of the clients.” – Judith Shoemaker, DVM

Judith Shoemaker, DMV 

"My dog picked it (Valley Fever) up in St. George UT. The typical treatment time is 6-12 months on a very expensive anti-fungal drug. This is why many people give up their animal because they cannot afford the treatment for that long and without guarantee as some animals and people remain on the drug for life!!!! My dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, 92 lbs and born with one kidney. The anti-fungal drug is not only expensive but scary to use in her case with one kidney. I started her on fluconazole and saw no response in appetite in two weeks. I then purchased and started the O3UV therapy and she responded very well clinically by the second weekly treatment she was eating again. By two months and 7 treatments, she was able to stop fluconazole!!" 

Kathy Backus, DMV 

"Had an excellent result with a toxic horse who had been teeter tottering for a week. We put 240cc blood into 1 liter o3 saline @ 61 g and chased with another 60cc o3 gas thru the blood and saline. We then ran thru the UV machine. All blood parameters returned to normal within 12 hours and the horse greatly improved. The fever (chronic 102-103) has not returned in 24 hours and loose stool has stopped. The owner was going to euthanize the horse due to non-responsiveness to routine therapy and lack of money." 

scott bennetT, dmv

But wait, there's more!

Vets across the country are having success with ozone therapy!

  • “The ozone and UBI has been dramatically successful for us in toxic horses. Particularly those horses that have had intestinal toxemia from diarrhea or some other similar malady and particularly when traditional therapy wasn’t working on them.”
  • “We’ve had a yearling who wasn’t able to be off of medications his whole life because of bronchial pneumonia. As soon as we would take him off he would develop a cough and discharge. We treated him three times with ozone and UBI. Since then he’s been turned back out with the herd for over a month now with no signs of any disease states at all.”
  • “Another great case was a mare that had a uterine infection for over two years. She was on some very aggressive therapy and finally this year we started lavaging with ozonated saline and we’ve delivered two embryos so far. That’s the first time that’s happened in over two years with this mare….we’re fighting chronic endometritis.”
  • “There’s a variety of diseases that I think it might be beneficial with. All the way from Piroplasmosis to any bloodborn disease, Leptospirosis and Limes Disease as well."
  • “We’ve been using it on a variety of things. We’ve used it in joints with synovial inflammation, subcutaneously with sarcoid or with ozonated olive oil as well. Another area is abdominal loge post resection, pulmonary function and even allergies.”

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Ozone Therapy can increase longevity and improve quality of life for animals suffering from a wide range of conditions. It is cost-effective, safe, and - most importantly - it works!  

  1. Effective - ozone therapy treats problems at the source!
  2. Safe - low risk and few side effects!
  3. Affordable - less treatments than conventional options and less reliance on costly medications!

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We would challenge you to consider how you can continue WITHOUT this essential treatment in your tool box.  

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