O3Vets 20-250 LBS Animal Protocol

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O3Vets 20-250 LBS Animal Protocol

Items to Consider:

  • Approximately 1 ml of blood/saline mixture should be used per pound.
  • Mixture will be 80% – 90% saline, 10% – 20%  blood
  • Run mixture at 6 ml/minute past UV light using peristaltic IV pump with the Chimp UV or 12 ml/min using the Gorilla UV.
  • The 6″ Chimp cuvette holds about 18 ml of fluid.

Needed Supplies:

  • 6” Chimp cuvette
  • 0.9% Saline Solution
  • anticoagulant
  • butterfly needle
  • hypodermic needle
  • 30 – 60 cc syringe
  • Clamp (plastic hemostat)
  • Insulin syringe for anticoagulant

Step 1:  DVD (3:30) Draw saline into syringe and infuse into blood bag.  Note: You will need more than one syringe full if treating an animal over 55 lbs.

Step 2:  DVD (4:30) Before drawing blood, load syringe with heparin using small insulin syringe.

Step 3:  DVD (5:15) Withdraw blood from patient.

Step 4:  DVD (5:25) Infuse mixture (or just blood if you have already infused the saline) into the blood bag.

Step 5: DVD (5:40) Clamp off on blood bag luer lock port (bottom right) and connect cuvette.  Note:  If gravity doesn’t fill line, connect a syringe to the other side of the line and draw fluid through.

Step 6:  DVD (7:30) Remove clamp, remove cap on cuvette and hold cuvette upright as the line is primed.

Step 7:  DVD (7:50)  Insert line into infusion pump and cuvette into machine and turn Chimp UV on.

Step 8:  DVD (8:45) Connect the other cuvette luer lock to the fill port (Bottom Left) of the O3Vets bag to form a closed loop system.

Step 9:  DVD (8:56) Set the amount of fluid being pumped at 360 ml/h and start pump to begin circulating the mixture.

Step 10:  DVD (10:00) When pumping time is complete turn off UV unit, and then infuse ozone into bag.

Step 11:  DVD (11:20)  Remove line from pump and Chimp UV and clamp off to Left port on blood bag.

Step 12:  DVD (ll:45) Crimp cuvette line and connect syringe to luer lock.  Draw up mixture into syringe to reinfuse into the patient.

Step 13:  Properly dispose of blood products.