O3Vets Large Animal Protocol

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O3UV Protocol Large Animal

 Items to Consider:

  • Mixture will be 80% – 90% saline 10% – 20% blood
  • Run mixture at 12ml/min past UV light using peristaltic IV pump with the Gorilla UV.
  • The 12″ Gorilla cuvette holds about 24 ml of fluid.
  • Use a 1:1 ozone to blood ratio for large animals


Needed Supplies:

  • 12″ Gorilla UV cuvette
  • 1500ml blood bag
  • 0.9% Saline Solution
  • Clamp (plastic hemostat)
  • hypodermic needle
  • Evac. Bottle (for blood draw)
  • anticoagulant
  • Insulin Syringe for anticoagulant
  • IV Admin Set w/site chamber and roller clamp
  • syringe or bag for ozone butterfly needle


Step 1: DVD (4:10) Spike saline bag and connect to blood bag before infusing 1,000 mls.

Step 2: DVD (6:00) Preload syringe or evacuated bottle with heparin prior to drawing blood.

Step 3: DVD (6:50) Withdraw blood from patient.

Step 4: DVD (7:15) Spike evac. bottle with IV admin line and then hang it up on IV pole. Set bag down lower and open roller clamp and IV line vent to gravity feed blood into the blood bag.

Step 5:  DVD (8:50) After blood has been infused hang the bag on the IV pole and take bottle down. Remove spike from bottle and insert into blood bag.

Step 6: DVD (9:40) Shut roller clamp and use plastic hemostat to clamp off on drain port before disconnecting IV admin line.

Step 7: DVD (10:00) Connect cuvette to IV admin line before priming the line and cuvette with fluid.

Step 8: DVD (11:13) Place cuvette in machine and turn it on. Connect other side of  cuvette to blood bag to create closed loop system.

Step 9: DVD (11:30) Insert tube into infusion pump and ensure that it is set correctly (800ml/h and 1250ml of fluid and begin infusion process.

Step 10:  DVD (12:52) Roller clamp shut. Turn off machine before removing cuvette line from blood bag and from IV admin line. Connect cuvette ends and dispose of cuvette. Remove line from pump.

Step 11:  DVD (14:20) Draw up 250ml of ozone (recommended concentration = 20ug/ml)

Step 12:  DVD (14:45) Connect needle to bag and infuse into blood bag.

Step 13:  unclamp line and bubble through the blood. Gently mix the fluid to ensure all ozone is absorbed.

Step 14:  Connect needle to the end of the IV admin line and reinfuse back into the patient