A mixture of ozone and oxygen is introduced through the rectum and absorbed into the body through the intestine. Used for a wide variety of health problems, this method is considered one of the safest. In a typical treatment for ulcerative colitis, for example, 75 micrograms of ozone per milliliter of oxygen are used (treatment begins with 50ml of oxygen which can be increased slowly to 500 ml per treatment).


Ozonated water

This method calls for ozone gas to be bubbled through distilled water or saline.¬† The water is used externally to bathe wounds, burns and slow-healing skin infections. In Russia, physicians are using ozonated water to irrigate body cavities during surgery. In both Russia and Cuba, ozonated water is used to treat a wide variety of intestinal and gynecological problems, including ulcerative colitis, duodenal ulcers, gastritis, diarrhea and vulvovaginitis. ¬†Because water doesn’t hold ozone well, it must be ozonated for about 20-30 minutes initially and then recharged every 20 minutes while it is being used.