O3UV  is one recommended method of administration, however, if just ozone is being administered, there are various ways to introduce it into the body depending on what is being treated.  Below you will find the various ways that ozone is currently administered to animals. Because of the differing size of animals these estimations of quantity may not apply.

Major Autohemotherapy (mAHT)

Major autohaemotherapy calls for the removal of between 10-250 ml of the patient’s blood. Ozone and oxygen are then injected into the blood, the ozonated blood is re-introduced into a vein. These methods have been used to treat a wide variety of health problems, including herpes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease. It is probably the most commonly used type of ozone therapy today.


Minor Autohemotherapy (mAHT) 

Minor autohaemotherapy involves removing a small amount (usually 3-10 ml) of the patient’s blood from a vein with a syringe. The blood is then treated with an equal amount of ozone and given back to the patient as an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. The blood and ozone becomes a type of auto-vaccine, which can be very specific and effective.