What is ozone therapy?

Ozone, (O3), is an energized form of oxygen which contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. Ozone is the second most powerful sterilizer in the world and can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors.

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Our Gorilla UV system is designed especially for veterinarians who are treating both large or small animals. This is our versatile and powerful unit capable of effectively treating up to 12 ml of blood per minute. The Gorilla UV utilizes UVC light….

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Ozone Therapy Workshops

O3Vets is dedicated to the best information on oxidative therapies. We are now offering workshops throughout the country to these life-changing tools to you. Sign up now and reserve your spot! Sign up for our full-day course in Columbus at the AHVMA Conference!

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Ozone therapy for large animals


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