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December 13, 2022 5 min read



Hi. My name is Princess Buttercup (aka Buttercup), and I’m the mascot for O3Vets. I’d like to think I AM O3Vets, but the powers that be tell me otherwise.

I’ve noticed over the years how hoomans act very strange around the time of year that it snows and gets dark early in Michigan. I think they call it the month of “Dee-sem-burr”??? Hoomans just rush around that time of year, and the Amazon guy is here literally every day—sometimes twice! According to me, it’s ridiculous. I wonder if hoomans are aware that dogs and other pets like me don’t really appreciate all the commotion. In fact, it can be downright obnoxious and dangerous for us. So, I’m here to provide you hoomans with some advice that we pets would greatly appreciate you taking into serious consideration.

Since hoomans seem to like counting in 12’s this time of year, I’ll make it simple and provide you with 12 tips to bear in mind for the safety of me and those like me.

Health Tip #1

We love plants (digging up that is) just like you do, but ivy, mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are extremely dangerous if you hoomans don’t stop us from eating them. They are poisonous to our bodies. Keep that in mind when you bring home a blooming poinsettia. Also keep in mind that some of these plants seem to live forever, so this is dangerous to us way beyond the month of Dee-sem-burr.

Health Tip #2

I’ve noticed that some hoomans actually decorate with FAKE trees. I don’t even know how to wrap my head around the concept of a FAKE tree. Trees are real! Trees are for climbing and catching sticks from. Some of you hoomans DO decorate with real trees--an animal’s kind of tree. Though this is cool, those trees need to be watered so they don’t dry up and die (in case you didn’t know that). And the water base of those trees could contain dangerous chemicals that can harm me and my fellow four-legged friends. So, there’s that.

Health Tip #3

Since we’re on the subject of trees, I’ve watched my hoomans put lights, sparkly glitter-like stuff, and what they call “ornaments” on these trees. Weird! Have you thought about maybe NOT putting those things at the bottom of the tree where we pets can reach them? To us, they just appear to be new toys or, to some pets, just plain annoying. When you’re not home, some of us get the urge to tear those things off the tree and see how many pieces we can chew each one into. If I was a cat, I’d probably attempt climbing the thing even. So, you may want to keep that in mind.

Health Tip #4

Keeping on the subject of trees--I’m a chewer—okay I admit it. I love sticks and twigs. I’m just here to tell you that it’s very possible that we pets will chew on pine needles or branches that fall from your decorated trees. Did you know that those things can get lodged in our intestinal tract and cause an intestinal obstruction? You think you spent a lot of money on presents for other hoomans…just wait until one of US needs surgery.

Health Tip #5

For those of you pyromaniac hoomans who think setting fire to a stick of wax is cool, let me tell you that those things could burn your house down if I were to get my paws on one. Keeping those lit and me in the room with them is a potential recipe for disaster. Be smart about it!

Health Tip #6

You’ve probably all heard this one, but I’m going to reiterate it. DON’T LET US CHEW ON ELECTRICAL CORDS, WIRES, OR LIGHTS. We will actually chew on these things! Leaving them plugged in when we’re home alone is not a well thought out idea. So, PLEASE!

Health Tip #7

I mentioned the Amazon guy in my Intro, remember? Well, he’s not the only one stopping by the house during Dee-sem-burr. Hoomans seem to invite other hoomans over even though we’d sometimes prefer if you didn’t—it interrupts our nap schedules. Please take into consideration that pets don’t always feel sociable and may want to slip out the door when you let one of your friends in. Next thing you know, you’ll be posting “Lost Dog/Cat/Bunny” signs all over town. Nobody needs that.

Health Tip #8

Regarding number 7 above--make sure that you have our collars and tags on us wherever you go and whatever you do during this chaotic time of year, and keep in mind that we can have social security numbers too—they’re called microchips. Getting us microchipped before the holidays is a sure way to track us down should we decide to run away or go visit some of our own friends during the holidays.

Health Tip #9

My people don’t, but some of my friends’ hoomans travel and leave their pets behind during this time of year. And that’s fine with us—it gives us a break from you too! I think I speak on behalf of all animals when I say this, “PLEASE make sure you choose wisely when selecting who will take care of us when you’re away. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a hooman that we just don’t see eye to eye with.”

Health Tip #10

I know we pets are located all over the world, but my home base is in Michigan. It’s cold in Michigan. It snows in Michigan. My hoomans still take me for walks in the snow, which I personally love. But my feet get so cold. Sometimes, I get snowballs in between my toes, and it hurts. So, PLEASE, take steps to keep my feet free of frost and salt so I can keep taking steps!

Health Tip #11

It’s true—hoomans put on weight this time of year! They eat nonstop. They bake oodles of cookies, and every day smells like a feast to us. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we WANT to get fat. However, I don’t know too many animals that have the willpower to say “no” when it comes to hoomans dropping stuff off their plates because it’s too full. Just be aware that some of us prowl around looking for anything different than the same old food you feed us all year round. Animal obesity is an epidemic after all.

Health Tip #12

And, finally, the part I couldn’t wait to get to—pets want gifts too, and we make New Year’s resolutions for health too. So, do NOT forget about us when it comes time to being generous with your money. One of my personal all-time favorite things is staying healthy. My family seems to know what it takes to keep me healthy. They keep ozone products stocked at my house—FOR ME! Some of my favorites are the Pet Shampoo, the Pet Liniment, ozonated oils, the ear insufflator, and I could go on and on. Rather than do that, I’ll let you hoomans figure out what your pets like best. Check out O3Vets’ products—you’re gonna love them all!


Well, that’s it. Thanks for taking the time to read my advice and for caring about us pets. We love you too, make no mistake about it. MERRY CHRISTMAS HOOMANS!!



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