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Dr. Kathy Backus


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Course Content

A.What it is

A. Why use it 

B. Natural formation of ozone 

C. Synthetic formation of ozone 

D. Industrial uses 

E. Dangers of ozone 

F. Half-Life 

G. Concentrations


B. Limb-Bagging 

C. Insufflation Techniques 

D. Fluids 

E. Oils

Provide the answer to the question here.

A.What it is

A. Pain Management 

B. Drsozone.com

A. Main Effect 

B. Secondary Effects 

C. Bocci Mechanism of Action

A. Bocci 

B. The Low-Dose Ozone Concept 


D. The Madrid Declaration 

E. Ozone Therapy in Practice Manual

A. Zotero 

B. Drsozone.com 

C. Books

A. Indications and Applications 

B. Solution 

C. Case Study

A. What’s needed 

B. Setup 

C. Ozone resistance

A. Available Materials 

B. Cost vs. Value

A. Trustworthy sources 

B. Uses 

C. Limitations

A. UltraImmunotherapy 

B. Medical Effects of light 

C. Combination of Ozone and Light 

D. Vasogen Studies


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ We have a purchase option that will give each person in your entire clinic their own account and 365 days of access.

We have a basic course and a Prolo+Ozone course available. We welcome suggestions on what you would like to see in the future.

Yes, we have a simple test at the end of each video section and also a more extensive test at the end of the course.

As a whole, yes it is. There are a few places where a rudimentary understanding of
biology and veterinary medicine will be helpful but, most pet owners will not be
able to implement a number of the administration methods that will be taught.

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