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Dr. Erin Holder & Dr. Sarina Barbara


Reno, NV


Sept 26-27, 2024



Why Choose This Option?

Network and interact with peers

Get hands-on

Get away from work-time distractions

Get comprehensive, vet-specific ozone therapy training


There are a number of reasons why getting away from distractions and out of your normal routine can be very beneficial to the learning process. It’s initially a larger investment, but payoff can be immense.

During our two-day course, you’ll learn all the basics of veterinary ozone therapy in an environment that helps you focus. Our expert veterinary instructors have a wealth of knowledge and can help your clinic improve outcomes across the board with this simple, flexible treatment. Understand how it works, when to use it, protocols and procedures, marketing, pricing and more!

We’ll also schedule a one-hour consultation with your clinic as a follow-up to this training. This will help you to implement the training and answer any questions you might have.


Course Content

Provide the answer to the question here.

A. Treating Holistically

B. Having a Robust Toolbox

A. Ozone Formation 

B. Medical Ozone

A. Discovery 

B. Medical Uses

A. Oxygen Utilization

B. Antioxidant Capacity

C. Immune Sytem Activation

D. Germicidal Activity

E. Improved Oxygen Uptake

F. Summary of Biological Effects

A. Veterinary Treatment Guide 

B. Hi Dose vs. Low Dose

A. Common Indications

B. Other Indications

C. Treating Based on Condition

Provide the answer to the question here.

A. Rectal Insufflation



D. Fluids

E. Limb Bagging

B. Ear Insufflation

C. Topical Oils

B. Bladder Insufflation

A. Healing Process 

B. Indications 

C. Making Oils

A. Materials and Compatibility 

B. What You Need

A. Major Works 

B. Studies

A. What it is

B. How it works

C. Why O3UV

D. Case Studies

A. What to Charge


C. Marketing

Provide the answer to the question here.

A. Stem Cells

B. Platelet Rich Plasma

C. Prolotherapy

D. Hyaluronic Acid

E. Ozone

Provide the answer to the question here.

A. Adminstration Methods Practice 

B. Joint Model Injections 

C. Cadaver Injections


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We recommend at least one tech attends the training with the lead

If the course is livestreamed, then all trainees will receive a link to the livestream recordings.

As a whole, yes it is. There are a few places where a rudimentary understanding of
biology and veterinary medicine will be helpful but, most pet owners will not be
able to implement a number of the administration methods that will be taught.

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