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Case Studies


Diagnosis: Severe Endometriosis

Treatment: Lavage with Ozonated Saline

Outcome: Full Recovery

Misty underwent a very aggressive therapy regiment after developing severe endometritis due to a retained placenta but to no avail.  After a period of two years, Misty’s owner who was a veterinarian himself came across ozone therapy and began to lavage Misty with ozonated saline.  

After a short period of time doing this, Misty actually recovered.  She did so well that she actually began to deliver embryos again which had not taken place in over two years due to the infection.  Misty ended up producing a foal which eventually became a horse of the year world champion. 

Bluebell Chamberlin

Diagnosis: Autoimmune Polyarthritis/Myositis

Treatment: Major Autohemotherapy + UBI (O3UV)

Outcome: Full Recovery

Bluebell is a Blue Merle Sheltie who was sixteen months old at the time of her treatment.  Among other things, she had previously been treated with a number of drugs including Dexamethasone IV, Baytril IM and oral Prednisone.  The treatments never had a lasting effect and her condition worsened.  

Eventually, her owners brought her to a veterinarian who was utilizing ozone therapy as well as another novel integrative therapy called Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation.  Bluebell was treated using Major Autohemotherapy plus Ultraviolet (O3UV) and after just four treatments, her condition began to improve.  Whereas previously, she was on a regiment of medications, Bluebell is currently off all meds, pain free and happy.


Diagnosis: Herniated Disc

Treatment: Acupuncture with Ozone

Outcome: Full Recovery

Penelope is a ten year old female Dachshund who presented with rear-end paralysis.  She was brought into the clinic unable to stand.  The diagnosis was a probable disc located between T3 and L1.

The owner was presented with a couple of options.  She could opt for surgery which would cost around $7,000 or accept a dog in a cart that needed bladder expression.   Her final option was euthanasia.  

Unsatisfied with these options, the owner brought her dog to an integrative veterinarian who recommended ozone therapy and acupuncture.  

She was treated with ozonated saline as well as ozone + acupuncture and miraculously, she was walking three days later. 

Ozone therapy was a key factor in cutting the inflammation and increasing oxygen utilization which ultimately led to total healing for Penelope.  In the final analysis, the owner was thrilled with the fact that her beloved dog returned to full bladder tone and was able to walk normally. 


Diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma

Treatment: Ozone Therapy through various means

Outcome: Recovery with some ongoing management

Clarence is a nine-year-old Golden/Lab mix that came in displaying signs of anorexia, abdominal pain, constipation and breathing issues.

After testing which included a CT scan, he was diagnosed with an anal gland mass with metastasis to the left medial iliac and hypogastric/sacral lumbar LN. He also had a septic abdomen with free floating fluid and bacteria present upon abominocentesis which confirmed the septic abdomen.

After the diagnosis, it was recommended that Clarence be euthanized and he was sent home with antibiotics and pain management to die within the next 24 hours.

That same day he was brought to a clinic where the veterinarian was utilizing ozone therapy. They decided to apply ozone through a variety of methods including DIV, rectal insufflation and intraperiotoneal injections. They also added some other supplements to increase the effectiveness of the treatments. Treatments were continued each day for four days. 

Clarence overcame all odds to beat this cancer and show that ozone therapy can be a crucial adjunctive treatment when all seems lost.

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