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Meta-Analysis & Reviews

Effects of ozone for treating chronically refractory wounds and ulcers: A protocol for systemic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

May 2020 | China

The prevalence of chronically refractory wounds and ulcers is growing rapidly. However, the treatment options are not completely effective. Ozone has been demonstrated as being useful in promoting wound healing as well as adverse events in individual studies. Consequently, it is necessary to conduct a meta-analysis of high-quality trials to find out whether ozone therapy is effective and safe in these chronic wounds.

Ozone Therapy in Periodontics: A Meta-analysis

June 2020 | India

A split-mouth longitudinal study was conducted to compare and evaluate the effect of ozonated water and photodynamic therapy (PDT) in nonsurgical management of chronic periodontitis, along with mechanical debridement procedure...

An Overview of Ozone Therapy in Equine - An Emerging Healthcare Solution

December 2016 | India

The significance of ozone therapy has been increasingly realized in recent times particularly in equine medicine. The beneficial effects of ozone therapy are basically engendered by the mild oxidative stress it creates upon interacting with the extra-cellular and intracellular components. 

Review: Clinical utility of ozone therapy for musculoskeletal disorders

September 2018 | USA

Oxygen-ozone (O3) therapy serves as an alternative medical technique that increases the oxygen in the body along with the introduction of O3. O3 therapy has finally reached a level where the biological mechanisms of action have been understood, showing that they are in the domain of physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology...

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