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April 11, 2023 2 min read

The Essential Guide to Ozone Therapy for Animals

 I did it!!!

I finally published my book on ozone therapy. With my limited time and all the research that I needed to do, it took me more than two years to write, but I feel confident that this book will provide both pet guardians and veterinarians alike with a much more comprehensive understanding of ozone therapy than anything available today.

With one of every four dogs getting cancer, the rise of chronic disease and the growth of antibiotic resistance, every veterinarian and animal caretaker alike are searching for answers. We understand now that antibiotics are not a silver bullet and that we should first reach for tools that help promote adaptive immunity and cellular health.

The Essential Guide to Ozone Therapy for Animals will give you a practical roadmap to understanding and utilizing ozone therapy in the veterinary clinic and at home. Jonathan Lowe uses his years of experience working with some of the top ozone veterinarians in the world as well as his commitment to evidence-based medicine to lay the groundwork for this critical modality to take its place within the annals of veterinary medicine.

Each chapter in 
The Essential Guide to Ozone Therapy for Animals builds on the previous one leading the reader from uninformed novice to a knowledgeable guide who will be able to instruct others. Practical tips are provided at the end of each chapter to summarize the most important points. There are over fourteen administration methods that are outlined giving the reader a thorough understanding of the versatility and power of ozone.

Ozone therapy is positioned to become a game-changer for veterinary medicine in the 21st century. This definitive guide will empower you with the knowledge you need to ensure the animals you treat and love live longer, healthier and happier lives.

 I hope that you enjoy it!Jonathan Lowe

Jonathan Lowe

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