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June 20, 2022 8 min read

There is no question about it—thorough and proper training is the key to success when performing ozone therapy.


Think of it like this—nobody would feel safe sending a teenager on a driving venture across the country without that teen having first taken Drivers Education.

The same applies for performing ozone therapy. In-depth training on equipment, protocols, dosing, contraindications, etc., is essential to providing safe, effective ozone therapy treatments on your patients.


Thorough ozone therapy training should cover everything from the basics to hands-on instruction where the user is able to practice using equipment and implementing ozone treatments. A useful training course will include the following:

1.      The ozone molecule and its use in medicine – Knowing the basics of anything builds a solid foundation of understanding the specifics. To treat patients with ozone therapy, it’s vital that you know exactly what ozone is and how it can be therapeutical.

2.       How Ozone Works – An ozone therapy training course should communicate the concept of oxygen utilization and ozone, how ozone affects the immune system, and the biological effects of ozone therapy.  The science behind ozone therapy is a crucial aspect of training. There are hundreds of scientific studies that prove the efficacy of ozone therapy. A good training course will explain that science to you so that it makes sense, and presenting scientific studies is a must for any ozone therapy training course. Studies establish the remarkable healing effects of ozone therapy, and trainees need to be aware that there are hundreds of them out there.

3.      Ozone Therapy Administration Methods – Since there are over 14 ways to administer ozone therapy, a good training course will explain both systemic and local administration methods and cite examples of when each method, or a combination of methods, can be used and for which illnesses.

An ozone therapy training class should also explain the healing properties of ozone in each of its forms. For example, ozone can be applied topically. A good training session will explain the  healing  healing process and how topical ozone plays a huge part in that process.

Ozone can also be injected into joints and tumors providing direct healing to affected areas. A training course worth the time and money you spend attending should be informative about ozone injections.

Did you know that ozone therapy can also be combined with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI)? The best ozone therapy courses will talk about what other treatments can be paired with ozone to create more powerful treatments.

4.     Protocols and Dosing – Every medical treatment has recommended dosages. Ozone is no different. Without training, how do you start treating a patient without knowing how much and often? What if you don’t know if there are contraindications?

Ozone therapy training should dedicate plenty of time to ozone therapy protocols and dosing, and time should be taken to discuss the differences between low-dose and high-dose ozone therapy. Without this information, treating your patients would be very difficult and even dangerous at times.

5.     Case Studies – What veterinarian doesn’t love a good case study? Case studies give hope and sometimes make you go “WOW!” Any good ozone therapy training program will present numerous case studies showing the amazing things that ozone therapy can do. The larger the variety of case studies presented, the better.

6.     Equipment – Nobody can perform ozone therapy without the proper equipment. A well-done training course will have equipment on site for attendees to see, touch, and try out. The presenters of an ozone therapy training course should make most, if not all, of the equipment they carry accessible. Trainers should be experts on the equipment and able to answer any and all questions about it. Demonstrations of each piece of equipment should also be included in a training course because so many of us need to see something in action before it clicks.

7.      Class Exercises – Participating in class exercises doesn’t mean you will be forced to do 50 pushups in 30 seconds. Ozone therapy class exercises are more like taking the new information you’ve just learned and applying it to scenarios.

Class exercises encourage trainees to determine which piece(s) of equipment should be used for each scenario, to brainstorm which ozone therapy administration method(s) would benefit the patient, and to provide feedback to one another as colleagues. Class exercises are essential to successful training.

8.      Hands-On Training – Reading text and watching videos are great, but who doesn’t benefit from actually PERFORMING something they’ve just learned? A valuable ozone training course will incorporate hands-on practice for its trainees.

And wouldn’t it be cool if the hands-on portion of training had live animals to serve as patients? Live animals are what you do—they are your love and your livelihood!!! To be able to apply what you learn about ozone therapy on a live animal in a training course takes training to a whole new level. Learning on real patients is not only an over-the-top training experience; it’s also absolutely necessary!

Using cadaver animals in an ozone therapy training course is also an excellent means of demonstration. Cadavers will allow you to inject, polk, and prod animals without wondering if they are being hurt. After all, they can’t feel much.

In the ozone therapy world, we don’t use pretty, tall, thin models. We use skeleton animal models for ozone therapy injections. It’s extremely hard to inject something into a joint if you’ve never practiced it before, and using skeletal models is ideal for this!

Because there are so many different ways to administer ozone therapy, it’s not feasible for the hands-on portion of a training course to cover only one or two of them due to time constraints. Trainers who’ve been around the block a time or two will set up “stations” for the various ozone administration methods and then organize trainees into small groups. This permits each group to rotate from station to station so that everyone gets a chance to experience as much as possible during the course.

9.      Course Review – Phew! All that information you just learned may leave your brain spinning in numerous directions. A good ozone therapy training course will review the information presented throughout the course as well as at the end.

10.     Questions and Answers – So many questions, so many answers! Of course, you will have lots of questions while learning about ozone therapy, and a great training course will have time set aside for your questions. You’ve heard it before—no question is a dumb question, so take advantage of the Q&A portion of your ozone therapy training.

11.     Equipment Cost and Promos – You’ve attended ozone therapy training either because you have the equipment and want to learn more about it or because you haven’t yet invested in ozone therapy and now want to!

Ozone therapy trainers should provide you with costs for the necessary equipment and accessories you will need to perform all types of ozone therapy. And, of course, promo specials are always welcome when investing in something. Good training courses will offer some type of discount or bonus to you for attending.

12.     Pass or Fail – You’ve been through vet school, and you’re sooo tired of taking tests. BUT presenting a no-pressure test at the end of an ozone therapy training course is an effective way to measure what areas of ozone therapy you may need more help with.

13.     Training Course Freebies – They say nothing is free in this world, but that’s just not true! Maybe it’s just me, but if I put my time and money into something as important as an ozone therapy course, I’d really like to go home with a freebie or two. Your attendance at ozone therapy training should never be in vain—you should always receive SOMETHING tangible in return!! A reputable trainer will make sure you don’t leave empty handed.

14.     Continuing Education Credits – The powers that be require that you take continuing education so you can stay up to date with the latest and greatest in veterinary medicine! Because CE credits are such an important part of your practice, ozone therapy trainers should be willing to go through the steps to ensure that you receive them. Receiving a certificate of completion at the end of a training course showing the number of CE credits earned goes a long way.


What should you take away from ozone therapy training? ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!

All your questions about ozone therapy should be answered following the training session. You should leave the course feeling hopeful and intrigued. The course you just took should put a pep in your step and want you to grab the nearest sick animal so that you can heal him/her. You should want to shout from the roof tops how completely amazing ozone therapy is.

Ozone therapy is for those who strive for answers in their clinics—for those who have the drive to find solutions to complex illnesses. And success in ozone therapy isn’t for the weak; it’s for those who have endured in-depth, informative, extensive training from the best of the best. Then, and only then, will you be completely ready to heal the patient cases that have left you stumped.

Unfortunately, the responsibility of training vet techs and other veterinarians in a clinic often falls on the shoulders of the lead veterinarian or clinic owner. A truly worthwhile ozone therapy training course will prepare you for this and provide you with the tools and enthusiasm to WANT to train your staff.

When you come together as a group of people new to ozone therapy and sharing the same goal of improving your veterinary clinic, the training course you attend shouldn’t be stuffy or like those days in high school when you just stared out the window wishing to be anywhere but there. An ozone therapy training course that teaches you everything you need to know about ozone therapy AND fuses in some fun and laughter is what a good trainer will provide. Good memories and new friendships are a few of those priceless things in life that you should expect to take away from a good ozone therapy training course.


Where can you find an ozone therapy training course that does EVERYTHING mentioned in this blog? Well, look no further! I just happen to know that O3Vets offers an ozone therapy training course with each and every one of these components PLUS MORE!

O3Vets’ ozone therapy training course is a full two days of hard-core training. You can choose between attending in person or by joining via livestream. These courses are offered twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

If you just can’t make it to a bi-annual training course in person or by livestreaming, O3Vets offers two online training courses that you can take at your own pace. One is called O3Vets’ Basic Veterinary Ozone Therapy Training Course, and the other is the Prolo+Ozone Injections course. Choosing this type of ozone therapy training will allow you access for one full year.

Visit the O3Vets’ website, and register today. We’d love to have you, and, in return, we promise that you will love the ozone therapy training you receive.

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