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November 05, 2019 2 min read

Her name is Misty, and she’s a beautiful mare. Ozone therapy proved to be the one and only treatment that would free her of a relentless infection.
Several years ago, Misty had given birth to a foal and, unfortunately, suffered a post-partum retained placenta shortly after the foal’s arrival. As result, she developed severe Endometritis.
Scott Bennett, DVM is the owner of Equine Services in Simpsonville, Kentucky and a much sought after veterinarian. At the time, Dr. Bennett had never heard of ozone therapy or its ability to stimulate and stabilize biological functions, regulate Misty’s oxygen levels and assist the mare’s innate immune system to fight off illness and disease.
Believing that no other options were available, Dr. Bennett had Misty undergo an extremely aggressive therapy regiment in attempt to cure the Endometritis, end Misty’s suffering and restore her body to a state of health. This went on for two years with no end in sight.
It was then that Dr. Bennett became aware of the astounding results that ozone therapy can bring, so, with nothing to lose, he decided to administer ozone therapy to Misty.
Though there are numerous ways to administer ozone therapy, Dr. Bennett chose to use ozonated saline to lavage (cleanse, rinse) the infection. Each time he administered the ozone infused saline, she showed progress and signs of improvement.
In no time at all, Misty fully recovered from the illness that had kept her down for so long.
But that’s not the end of the story.
Ozone therapy not only thoroughly healed the Endometritis Misty had suffered from, it also enabled her to begin delivering embryos again, which had been impossible in over two years. Amazingly, she was able to successfully produce a healthy foal that grew to become a Horse of the Year and World Champion!
How’s that for a happy ending??
Misty’s story isn’t all that unique. As the success of ozone therapy continues to occur in our animal friends, the words “you have to try ozone therapy” are spreading, and, each time those words are spoken, another animal is given a chance at a better life.
I’m here to tell you, YOU HAVE TO TRY OZONE THERAPY!! 

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